Our clients are unique people with unique goals — that is why our services aim for unique solutions.

Our services are tailored just for you.


No one wants cookie-cutter services that ignore their deepest concerns. Clients need direction that is custom-made to meet specific needs and achieve goals. We strive to understand our client’s goals fully, and we achieve this by preparing a personalized financial plan that is independent and objective. We’ll never recommend a product that we don’t believe is essential to our client’s success.

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Investment Management

Our team has the knowledge, temperament, and resources to help our clients make wise investment decisions.
There are two ways to make money: by working and/or by having your money work for you. And with a market that is constantly evolving, it can be challenging to make wise investment decisions alone. Our advisors have the knowledge, temperament, and resources to help our clients make wise decisions in the midst of any crisis. At Rivertree, we want to help you grow your assets so that you can meet your needs, protect your family, give freely, and accomplish your personal goals. We accomplish this by regularly reviewing our clients' investments and designing personalized portfolios appropriate to their needs. We keep you involved by meeting semi-annual or annually to review and evaluate your investment performance, update your financial objectives and if necessary, reallocate your portfolio.

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Retirement Planning

The sooner you plan for retirement, the more likely you’ll see all of your plans come to fruition.
Retirement looks different for everyone. Regardless of your personality or your post-career plans, you need an advisor that you can trust to help you make your plans become a reality while making sure you don’t run out of money in the process. And it’s never too early or too late to start planning for retirement. But the sooner you plan, the more likely you’ll see all of your plans come to fruition. Our team has worked with retirees from institutions across the state and beyond, helping them make informed decisions about how to best prepare for their next season of life.

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Tax Reduction Planning

When people think about their financial advisor, they rarely think about taxes. But without a tax plan, you could easily find yourself in a bind come tax season. With an experienced CPA on staff, we’re aware of all the good that careful tax planning can do and what neglecting a careful analysis of your taxes can do. We’re also always up-to-date on new tax laws that could affect your situation.


Family Estate and Wealth Planning

You’ve invested well, planned for retirement, and enjoyed the fruits of your labors. But what happens to your assets once the inevitable happens? Family estate and wealth planning has profound effect on the legacy we leave with the ones we love. When done well, it protects your loved ones and ensures that the wealth you’ve accumulated is used the way you would have wanted it. Our advisors carefully analyze your current estate and concerns, and work closely with your attorney, provide guidance to you or your loved ones with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of death. We also discuss charitable strategies to ensure you leave a gift for the organizations and movements you’re most passionate about. We want to do more than simply preserve your resources, we want to make sure they are fulfilling your goals and visions for your family and community after you’re gone.

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Risk Management

Regardless of how well you plan, you need safeguards to protect you from unforeseen risks.
Insurance is a great way to ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of in the event of a death, job loss, or a catastrophic event. Our team has access to many of the best insurance options available and will work to ensure you’re getting the coverage you need. Since we’re independent, our number one concern is you. We don’t have quotas or sales goals that might compromise our fiduciary responsibility. Your needs and concerns will always be our priority.

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Education Planning

With tuition costs constantly rising, an education plan is worth the consideration of every household.
Education has been defined as the contemplation of truth, goodness, and beauty and we all want our kids and grandkids to be able to contemplate these things without fear of the costs associated with a quality education. With tuition costs constantly rising, an education plan is worth consideration. At Rivertree, we help you understand all of the options that are available and work with you to make the best decision for your family.

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Debt Elimination and Cash Flow Analysis

You don’t need to be out of debt in order to work with us. Let us help you recover.
Due to rising education costs and other factors, millions are entering the work force with thousands of dollars of debt. Many believe that before they can work with a financial planner, they need money to invest. At Rivertree, this is simply not the case. We’re dedicated to helping those in debt recover so that they can accomplish their goals and invest for the future. We accomplish this by first educating and encouraging our clients as they make the necessary sacrifices on the path to freedom. We analyze your current debt and create personalized plan to ensure your needs are met and debt is eliminated in a timely manner.

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Our Fees

We take multiple factors in to account when considering your situation and fee arrangement. Most importantly, we strive to link our compensation to the ongoing help and support we provide to you as a client as opposed to a single transaction or “sale”.
At Rivertree, your first meeting is always complimentary. Not only do we discuss your situation in depth, but we also discuss the ways we charge for our services should you enlist our help going forward.
Many of our clients choose to have us advise them on their investment assets as well as assist with overall planning. Our fee is up to 1% of your investment assets that we oversee. We also offer financial planning to those that only need guidance with their situation, exclusive of investment management. Our financial planning fees range from $500-$2,500. If needed, insurance products are commission-based where our compensation is already factored into the product premium.

The Rivertree Process

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Introductory Meeting

• Gather financial facts, objectives, and goals

• Disclose advisor compensation

Recommendations (1)

Recommendations Meeting

• Present personalized financial plan, including financial recommendations

Client Onboarding (1)

Client Onboarding

• Implement selected financial recommendations

• Input into client review system

• Initiate account paperwork

• Set up client wealth management website

Monitoring (1)

Monitoring and Service

• Communicate proactively with clients

• Handle client service requests in a timely manner

• Complete financial review checklist annually

• Revisit legacy goals, including charitable giving

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