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Tax Planning for College and K5-12 Expenses

To decide on the appropriate account type, you need to first decide how you foresee using the funds. You also need to determine the amount of flexibility you want. In general, the more flexibility you desire, the less tax-advantages you receive. Below are some account types, common uses, advantages and disadvantages:

SECURE Act 2.0

On December 23rd of last year, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, a spending bill that included the…

The Gap in Financial Planning

Have you ever assembled a piece of equipment, or perhaps a toy for a child, stepped back and admired your…

Market Volatility, Inflation and War, Oh My!

It seems the quote, “This is a year to remember!”, now applies to every year. We have hopes of stability…

Roth IRAs : Front Door, Backdoor or No Door?

As the spring weather arrives and taxes are filed (or extended), now is a good time to consider your retirement…

The Perils of Do-It-Yourself IRA Transactions

This month’s post was originally shared in September of 2019.  The information given below is always good to remember when…


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