Our Name

“Rivertree” is more than just a catchy name — it embodies our story and mission. We believe names have meanings and we wanted our name to be a constant reminder to us and our clients of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Our Story

With a short but rich history of nearly ten years, Rivertree Financial Planning has grown into a reputable financial planning firm serving clients locally and nationally. Here’s how we got where we are today:

Our Philosophy

Financial advisors are like churches in the bible belt — there is one on nearly every corner. How are we different from the thousands of other financial advisors?

Our Team

Scott is Founder and Partner with Rivertree Financial Planning.

Jonathan is a Partner with Rivertree Financial Planning.

Brent is a Partner with Rivertree Financial Planning.

Valerie Pate

Advisor Assistant

Valerie is the Advisor Assistant at Rivertree Financial Planning

Phillip Holmes

Marketing Consultant

Phillip is a Marketing Consultant at Rivertree Financial Planning